Bahzad Hilmi Hussein Akrawi
Master in Geography Academic title: Assistant Lecturer Specialisation: Geography, Tourism Geography Position: Head of Information and Libraries Department...
Shelan Mohamed Mustafa
Msc in Nanoscience Academic Title: Assistant Lecturer Teaching Subjects: Engineering Mechanics, construction material  & asphalt Lab, Mathematic, Electronics,...
Nihro Asaad Abdullah
Master (MA) in Public law (Criminal law)                 ...
Tavga Majed Aziz
M.Sc in Forest Academic Title: Assist lecturer Teaching Subjects: Science of Environment and Forest  
Bakhan Mohammed Rostum
M.Sc  in Food Biotechnology Academic Title: Assist lecturer Teaching Subjects: Food Science and Biotechnology
Sardar Ahmed Zaino Abdulla
Master in Vegetables  crops Academic Title:   Assistant lecturer Teaching Subjects: Seeds   crops Production, Vegetable  crops  
Bilal Ibrahim Muhammed
Academic Title: Assistant lecturer Specific specialty:  Plant production/ Field crops production Teaching Subjects: Plant production, Field crops production...
Nahla Mohammed Ali Khaleel
Master Degree in Plant Physiology Specific specialty: Plant Physiology Academic Title: Assistant Lecturer Teaching Subjects:...
Nahla Jawher Kareem
 Msc. in Science of Agriculture Specific specialty: Field crops Academic Title:   Lecturer Teaching Subjects: pests of Field crops  
Mudhafar I. Hamad
MSc. in Plant Protection- Insect Taxonomy Academic Title:   Lecturer Teaching Subjects: Ecology and taxonomy of Insects  
Suran Dunun Yaseen
Master in Laser Physics Academic Title: lecturer Post: Dean of Khabat Technical Institute Curriculum Vitae...
Kareem Ibrahim Kareem
MSc.  in Precision Farming Academic Title: Lecturer  
Hemn Othman Salih
M.Sc.  in  Soil chemistry Academic Title: Lecturer Teaching Subjects: Soil fertility, water quality, soil chemistry, Design and analysis experimental...
Nazar Mohammed Samein
M.Sc. in Biology Science Academic Title: Assistant lecturer  
Master in English Language and Literature Teaching Subjects: English Comprehension, Listening and Speaking
Firas Fawzi Jirjees
M.Sc. in Civil Engineering Specific specialty: Structural Engineering Academic Title:  Assistant Lecturer Teaching Subjects:Equipment and...
Dler Abdullah Ahmed
M. Sc. In Mechanical Engineering Specific Specialty: Production Engineering Academic Title: Assistant Lecturer Teaching Subject: Element of Machine...
Hayman Kakakhan Awla
Plant Pathology PhD Academic Title:  Lecturer position: Dean of EPU Research Centre TeachingSubjects: Field crop diseases,...
Abdulbast Ali Khafoor
Master in Physics and Digital Electronic and electric Academic Title: Assistant Lecturer Teaching Subjects: Information Technology...
Mohanad Ferman Ibrahim
Mohanad Ferman Ibrahim
Master in  Image Processing Academic Title: Assistant Lecher Teaching Subject: OOP by C++  
Diyar Jamal Hamad
Master in Computer Science Academic Title:   Assist Lecturer Teaching Subjects: Computer Networking Office Phone number: +964 (0) 464...
Haroon Muhammad Khalil
Master degree In Medical and Surgical of Nursing. Hawler Medical University Specific specialty:   Surgical of...
Jabbar Hamad Ade
Master (MA) /educational Institution of science in Near East University from Cyprus. 2016 Position: Head of Medical...
Azad Hussein Amin
 M.Sc. in Biology (Molecular biology), Kahramanmarash sutcu imam University, Turkey, (2017) Specific specialty:    Molecular biology                          Academic...
Paywand Safeen Fadhl
Paywand Safeen Fadhl
Master in Maternity of Nursing Specific Specialty: Maternity of Nursing Academic Title: Assistant lecturer Teaching Subject:...
Mahabad Mohammed Hussein
Master of Sciences in Maternity Nursing Specific specialty:  Maternity Nursing Academic Title:  Assistant Lecturer Teaching Subjects: Maternal Nursing  
Kawa Mohammad Karim
Kawa Mohammad Karim
Magister in orthopedic surgery Specific specialty: orthopedic surgery and fracture Academic title: Assistant lecturer Teaching...
Rozhhalat Khudhur Jarjees
Ph.D in Microbiology Specific specialty: Microbiology Academic Title : Lecturer Teaching Subjects: Communicable disease  
Hawzhin Mohaeddin Saleh
 Master of Art in Teaching Biology Specific specialty: Teaching Biology Academic Title: Assistance lecturer Teaching Subjects:...
Muharam Yaseen Mohammed
Master‌ in Analytical chemistry Specific specialty: Analytical chemistry Academic Title:  Assistant Lecturer Teaching Subjects: Analytical chemistry – clinical...
Nawroz Faruq Ahmed
Nawroz Faruq Ahmed
Master in Comparative Literature Specific specialty:  comparative literature Academic Title:  Assistant lecturer Teaching Subjects: kurdology...
Sevan Hassan Bakir
Master in Medical Microbiology Specific specialty:  Medical Microbiology Academic Title:  Assist Lecturer Teaching Subjects: Medical Microbiology,...
Tariq Waece Sadeq
Master in Pharmacy/ pharmaceutics Specific specialty:  Pharmacy/ pharmaceutics Academic Title: Asst.Lecturer Teaching Subjects: Industrial Pharmacy, Quality...
Zana Ahmed Mustafa
Msc‌ in Pharmacy/ Pharmacology Specific specialty: Pharmacy/ Pharmacology Academic Title: Asst.Lecturer Teaching Subjects: Clinical Pharmacy.Quality...
Asmahan Majeed Aliakbar
Asmahan Majeed Aliakbar
Master in Veterinary Drugs and Toxin Specific Specialty: Veterinary Drugs and Toxin Academic Title: Assistant Lecturer...
Sardar Qadr Omar
Msc‌ in pharmacy/ pharmacology Specific specialty:  pharmacy/ pharmacology Academic Title: Asst.Lecturer Teaching Subjects: pharmacology & Pharmacognosy...
Dldar Saleh Ismael
Msc‌ in Biology/ Theory and Practical Specific specialty:  Biology/ Theory and Practical Academic Title: Asst.Lecturer Teaching Subjects: Microbiology, Physiology, Heamatopathology,...
Naznaz Hussein Othman
Master in Biology/physiology Specific specialty: Biology/physiology Teaching Subjects: , Biology, physiology theory and practical  
Morad Amer Ahmed
 PhD. Optometry Specific Specialty:Optometry Academic Title: Lecturer Teaching Subjects: Research project, Medical eye glasses Theory &Practice...
Shireen Jawhar Mohammed
Shireen Jawhar Mohammed
Master in Psychtric Nurse Specific specialty:  Psychtric Nurse Academic Title: Assistant lecturer Teaching Subjects: psychiatric
Shawnm Abdulah Ismail
Master in Biotechnology Specific specialty:  Biotechnology Academic Title: Assistant Lecturer Teaching Subjects: Biochemistry  
Hemn Kareem Qadir
Master of Sciences Specific specialty:  Adult Nursing Academic Title:   Assistant Lecturer Teaching Subjects:  Adult Nursing
Maryam Yaseen Yaseen Isa
MSc Maternity Nursing Specific specialty: Maternity Nursing Academic Title: Lecturer Teaching Subjects: Maternity Nursing, Obstetrics 1  
Faraed Dawood Salman
 Master in preventive dentistry Specific specialty:  Master degree in preventive and community dentistry Academic Title:  Assistant professor...
Berwan Abdulkader Ali
PhD. Microbiology Specific Specialty: Microbiology Academic Title: Lecturer Teaching Subjects: Research project, Microbiology  
Hiwa Saeed Khidir
Last Certificate: MSc.  Degree Specific specialty:  Pediatric Dentistry Academic Title:  Assistant Lecturer Teaching Subjects: Anatomy, Pediatric Dentistry  
Mustafa Rasul Muhammed
Mustafa Rasul Muhammed
Master degree Specific specialty: Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Academic subjects: Principles of routine exodontia Chair...
Haval Jalal Rasheed
MSc. Orthodontics Specific specialty:  Orthodontics Academic Title:  Assistant Lecturer Teaching Subjects: Anatomy, Orthodontics  
Mohamed Moafak Aziz ARBILI
Master in civil engineering Specific specialty: Construction and Building Materials, Geotechnical engineering Academic Title: Assistance lecturer Teaching...
Shakhawan Salih Abdullah 
Msc. Quantum computer Academic Title: Assistance lecturer Teaching Subjects: Computer Organization & Architecture
Bilal Samad Abdulhaq
Last Certificate: MA in Applied Statistics                   ...
Ali Abdullah Khoshnaw
PhD Student MA in Media Production- Coventry University- United Kingdom Academic Title: Lecturer Lecturer of...
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